Big Boss 1300-Watt Electric Pressure Cooker

January 12, 2014

If you’ve been searching for the perfect electric pressure cooker, you’ve probably already encountered one major obstacle…there are just too many to choose from! While one model might offer you all of the features that you want, another might be just what you’re looking for in terms of functions and design. So, choosing the one that’s just right for you can be anything but easy, especially if you’re on a tight budget and want great value for your money.


In this review, we’ll be taking an up close look at the Big Boss 8748. Despite the fact that it’s one of the top sellers on the market today, is it really worth your hard earned money? I’ll go over the pros and cons of owning this unit, and highlight its specs and features, to give you a better idea of whether or not this appliance is the right one for you and your family.


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The Specs…


The Big Boss 8748 Pressure Cooker, holds up to 8.5 quarts and measures 16.5 x 12.4 x 13.4 inches. It weighs approximately 20 pounds , and the shipping weight of the product is 21 pounds.


The item comes standard with a removable nonstick cooking pot for easy clean up, and a spacious oval design. The unit also includes seven different safety features, for added peace of mind, including: an auto shut-off setting, a sliding lock, a safety valve, and a cool touch stainless steel exterior.


The Big Boss 8748 Electric Pressure Cooker retails for around $150.00 plus shipping and handling if purchased online.


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The Features…


This unit features an 8 hour countdown timer, as well as an 8 hour advanced timer. As such, you can cook larger meals without having to reset the appliance, and can even set it to turn on while you are at work (to come home to a warm meal that’s ready when you are).


It comes with three pressure cooker settings: low (2.5 psi), medium (7.5 psi), and high (15 psi). While the high setting will allow you to cook meats and meals quickly, the low setting can enable you to prepare vegetables and fruity desserts with ease.  In addition to the pressure cooker features, you can also steam, brown, warm, and slow cook with just the push of a button.


This appliance features a unique oval design, as well, that allows you to prepare roasts or other bulky food items that wouldn’t normally fit into other electric pressure cookers. The cool touch exterior is constructed from a brushed stainless steel, making the unit finger print resistant, easy to clean, and safe to use, even when the cooker is turned on.




The Pros…


The sheer capacity of this unit is what makes it stand apart from the rest. It fits up to 8.5 quarts, and is oval, which means that you won’t have any trouble fitting a whole chicken into the inner pot and cooking it in a fraction of the time.  The fact that the inner pot is non-stick is also a big plus, since you won’t have to worry about scraping away food remnants when you’re done enjoying your meal and it’s time to tidy the kitchen.


The Big Boss 8748 1300 watt Electric Pressure Cooker also comes with a measuring cup and spoon, which is a nice little bonus. Not to mention the wide range of other safety parts and features that it’s equipped with. The pressure regulator knob is a particularly useful part, as it enables you to keep an eye on the pressure settings and release the pressure quickly if the need arises.


One last pro that I had to mention was the unit’s warmer settings, which I use regularly. You can just switch on the cooker, let it work its magic, and once it’s done it will automatically turn off the pressure and keep your food piping hot.


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The Cons…


There are two minor drawbacks with this unit. However, let me just say that these particular cons aren’t probably enough of a hindrance to deter you from purchasing this appliance if you are looking for one with a larger capacity. Firstly, the fact that it doesn’t come with a steaming or cooking rack is a bit disappointing. You can purchase one on your own, but for the price, it should probably come with some sort of a rack accessory, in my opinion.


Another small complaint is that the advance timer is rather short. A number of other models, such as MaxiMatic EPC-808 8 quart electric pressure cooker gives you the option to set the timer for up to 24 hours in advance, while this one only allows for 8 hours. So, if you wanted a cooker that could be set well ahead of when you wanted it to kick on (such as if you were out of town over night and wanted to come home the next day to hot meal), then you may want to go with another model.




The Bottom Line…


This is actually the largest pressure cooker that we’ve reviewed here on the site. As such, it’s ideal for larger meals or roasts. It also happens to be the perfect cooker for those who entertain often and need to have an electric pressure cooker on hand that can whip up several servings at a time, or to keep foods warm for when guests arrive. If you happen to be in search of an appliance that can also can foods, then this is the ideal option, as it also has that function.


Overall, even though it’s price tag is a bit steeper than some of the other models we’ve featured, you do get quite a bit for the money. The fact that it offers a 15 PSI setting is another big plus, especially if you want to work with recipes that are designed for traditional pressure cookers, as it makes time estimates and measurements for your favorite dishes quick and convenient.



Searching for more reviews on the best electric pressure cookers? Our site offers a variety of honest reviews about today’s leading pressure cookers, including their pros, cons, and product features….all in one place. You can find out if the electric pressure cooker you’ve had in mind is perfect for you, to insure that you’re making the right choice before clicking that buy button.

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