Electric Pressure Cooker Guide

January 25, 2014

The full electric pressure cooker guide below contains over 20 electric pressure cookers for you to compare.

Here is a description of the information the table holds:

  • Name : The product name and Picture, click on the links to see information on how to purchase this item.
  • Rating: The current rating that this product has been given on Amazon.com.
  • Price:  The price rating is based roughly on the following $ = 60-80 Dollars, $$ = 80-100 Dollars,$$$ = 100-120 Dollars, $$$$ = 120-140 Dollars, $$$$$ = 140-160 Dollars
  • Weight: The weight of the item in pounds (lbs)
  • Capacity: The capacity of the pressure cooker in Quarts
  • Programs: The number of built in Programs that the pressure cooker has. An example of these would be Saute / Slow Cook / Rice Cooker / Steamer /Warmer etc
Weight (lbs)
Instant Pot IP-LUX60

4.6$$$14.3 lbs6.33 Quarts10 Programs
Cuisinart CPC-600

710RlNjhJ6L._SL1500_ (Small)
4.2$$14.2 lbs6 Quarts6 Programs
Nesco PC6-25P

Nesco PC6-25P
3.8$13.5 lbs6 Quarts5 Programs
MaxiMatic EPC-808

4.4$$17 lbs8 Quarts14 Programs
Secura EPC-S600

Secura EPC-
4.4$$12 lbs6 Quarts6 Programs
Emeril CY4000001 by T-fal

4.6$$$15 lbs6 Quarts6 Programs

Go Wise USA
4.1$11.4 lbs4 Quarts8 Programs

4.1$$$12 lbs2.5 Quarts10 Programs
West Bend 6-Quart

4.1$$13.9 lbs6 Quarts6 Programs
Deni 9770

Deni 9770
4.1$6.1 lbs2 Quarts5 Programs
Instant Pot IP-LUX50

4.7$$$13.5 lbs5.28 Quarts10 Programs
Oster FPSTPC4801

4$14.1 lbs5 Quarts6 Programs
Breville BPR600XL

Breville B
4.4$$$$$11 lbs6 Quarts4 Programs
MaxiMatic EPC-807

_ (Small)

4.2$$$18 lbs8 Quarts6 Programs
Deni 9740 

3.9$$10 lbs4.2 Quarts6 Programs
Nesco PC4-14

4.4$$9.4 lbs4 Quarts4 Programs
Big Boss 1300-Watt


4$$$$20 lbs8.5 Quarts4 Programs
Fagor 670041460

Fagor 670040

5$$16 lbs6 Quarts3 Programs
Aroma APC-990

4.5$$12.3 lbs6 Quarts8 Programs
Cuisinart EPC-1200PC

4.1$12 lbs6 Quarts5 Programs

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